Novemeber 4 – 10, 2024

Our retreat is designed to be a life changing experience! You will come back home with a mind system of gratefulness,a healthier body and mind, and being a real traveler (travel with purpose)


Enjoy 7 days (3 days in Oaxaca city and 4 days in Mazunte beach,oaxaca) of wellness and cultural travel with other inspiring yogis and friends, with daily yoga and meditation,mindfulness and wellness practices,positive vibrations through sound healing music,authentic look into Oaxaca surrounding towns; artisan craft, food,museums,local markets, archeological zone tour, hiking in nature, sunrise and sunsets at Mazunte beach town and surrounding beaches, spectacular nights with special surprises for personal grow. You also will have the opportunity to spend some solo time for personal reflection, connect with locals or to do any interesting activities on your own. We are so grateful to host this gratitude retreat in the vespers of thanksgiving. You will return home more grateful, meditating, and a healthier body.Ready to celebrate thanksgiving with a free spirit.

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, travel with purpose,fill your soul with daily wellness practices (yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, etc) and learn more about:

Explore Magical surrounding towns to connect with locals

Mindfulness practices at the Mazunte Beach Town, Oaxaca

Indigenous Zapotec Culture

Traditional Oaxacan Cuisine





Oaxaca City, Mexico
November 4 – 6

Considered the most easy going and vibrant city in Mexico.

We first will arrive in the city of Oaxaca, which is located in southwest of the Mexican pacific,Nearby the forested sierra norte.The home of one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Historic center and Archeological site of monte alban. Oaxaca is considered the culinary capital of Mexico., And represents the best of Mexican Charms. A bastion of indigenous culture is home to the country’s most vibrant crafts and art escent . pairing lively festivals and entertainment with fantastic and unique cultural attractions.

Mazunte Beach Town, Oaxaca
November 6 – 10
A hidden gem nestled on Mexico’s pacific coast

Mazunte will be our second destination for our retreat. It is located about 600 kmts, 2.5 hrs approx, from Oaxaca, City. Midway from Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, Oaxaca. Mazunte is a tiny pueblo magico (magical town) with laid-back,bohemian vibes, a thriving yoga scene,mesmerizing sunsets and even a turtle sanctuary. Mazunte is SMALL BEACH TOWN vibes, an authentic and serene beach town,surrounded by scenic hiking trails and beautiful beaches, away from the crowds.


In Oaxaca City

Our boutique hotel In Oaxaca City is situated at the edge of the historic center, about 15 minutes walking distance from the central square, the Zocalo. In the heart of the city. The facilities included a bright breakfast space, a self-service bar, a cozy living room,sunny terraces and shady green patios with a magnificent jacaranda tree as a centerpiece of the premice.
WE choose this hotel mainly because of their program that supports students with low-income families, they invest most of its profits in education. All rooms have a garden view, private bathroom with hot and cold water, a fan, good lighting and of course very comfortable beds.

In Mazunte Beach Town

Simple, native and at the same time contemporary , our retreat home in mazunte is a luxury Mexican hotel that will pamper you, reflecting the serene soul of people of the coast of Oaxaca.It is located 3 minutes walk from playa mermejita and 10-15 minutes walk from playa rinconcito beach, restaurants and bars.Our hotel is a true oasis of peace surrounded by lush vegetation, where you can enjoy the scents of nature,sea breezes and an exceptional view of the ocean.the facilities includes a welcoming round pool where you be delighting unforgettable sunsets, an onsite bar and restaurant, and of course a beautiful and cozy palapa yoga studio with view to mermejita beach. 





$2,300 USD

- Single Acommodation
- One King Size Bed

$2,100 USD

- Double Acommodation
- One King Size Bed / Two Single Beds

$1,500 USD

- Triple Acommodation
- One king Size Bed + 1 Single Bed / 3 Single Beds


Our daily menu blends the traditions of Mexican cuisine with a mindful approach to nutrition and brimming with locally grown produce. (some Dinners will be held outside of our hotel, at traditional Oaxacan restaurants with high standard in cleanliness and healthy food)
SPECIAL DIETS: Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, we will make sure you’re well-nourished and have an amazing culinary experience during your stay.


We will start our days with an invigorating but smooth vinyasa yoga practice that will boost your energy and your gratitude by Aligning body and breath with your intentions for the day ahead. Also Pranayama, mindfulness meditation and journaling will be part of these mornings!.
Our late afternoon class will help you prepare to end your day with harmony and peace, through gentle yin yoga, restorative postures focused on breathing exercises and yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) mixed level.


7:30 am Sunrise guided meditation
7:40 am Morning yoga ( Pranayama ,Dynamic hatha yoga and static poses)
8:30 am 5 mins of Guided Journaling
9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Tour to visit Monte Alban(Archaeological zones) and Handicrafts
3:30 pm Free time for lunch and/or to rest and relax, explore the area, journal, meditate, self practice, nap or swim in the pool or at the beach.
5:30 pm restorative yin yoga + yoga Nidra (deep Relaxation)
7:00 pm dinner
8:00 pm Free personal time to walk through the center, and delight a street authentic oaxaca dessert, or simply to enjoy our retreat home and relax at the pool or any other common area.

This ONE day itinerary is just a sample of our daily schedule. Times and activities may vary.

Janette Inda


Janette Inda is a certified Hatha yoga teacher with principles in Iyengar and therapeutic yoga graduated from Loyola Marymount University in California. Also as a passionate yogini for yoga she traveled to India to delve deeper into traditional yoga and further her career taking some courses like basic Ayurveda and other workshops on pranayama and yoga philosophy. Nowadays she has been doing special research in the behavior of the human mind, and how it controls the body.

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